Talbalba has the top Grain Fed Steer Indexing Bull in Australia at $181 (2015 drop) in Lot 26

also the 3 top bulls in Australia for Retail Beef Yield (2015 drop) Lot 16 +3.7 Lot 14 +3.3 Lot 15 +3.3
41 of our 55 sale bulls this year are above breed average for marbling.
Exciting new genetics to increase your Marbling, Muscle content, Yield  and Performance.
55 Bulls polled and horned  available at our first on property Bull Sale at
Delemere, Millmerran, QLD on Wednesday 13th September 2017, 11:30 am.

R5XL067  (P0lled)  Lot 13

Best bull we have bred by imported sire H Victor 0136, 21 months old.. L076 combines exceptional yield with low birth weight and faultless structure. EMA +5.0  Low birth weight +3.2 to final weight +81 Top shelf stud sire. Homozygous Poll

R5XL058   (Polled)  Lot 26

Polled bull by Injemira Anzac H006, 21 months old,  has all Indicies in top 1% of the breed. Grain Fed Index $181, Grass Fed Steer Index $137 EMA +5.1  IMF +2.4 .

R5XL160 (Horned)  Lot 19

Our pick of the Advance sons so far, 20 months old. L160 is big, stylish with an excellent carcase, good structure and lovely cosmetics. Top 5%growth, top 20%muscle, top 10% IMF. IMF +0.9

R5XL172 (Horned) Lot 8

Classy young son of Mawarra Black Heart, 20 months old. Long, soft, stylish bull with muscle and marbling in the top 10% of the Hereford breed. EMA +4.5 IMF +0.9

R5XL092 (Polled)  Lot 2

21 month old son of Injemira Anzac H006. Long attractive calf with great performance data, Grain Fed and Grass Fed Indicies in top 5% of the breed.  EMA +5.7, IMF +0.8

R5XL051 (Polled) Lot 16

Outstanding carcase bull. Top 1% growth and muscle with the highest retail beef yield for all Hereford bulls born in Australia in 2015. Moderate birth weight and excellent fertility traits.

R5XL108 (H#)   Lot 3

By Talbalba H83 (son of South Bukalong Wallace)  21 month old bull with visual muscle, marbling +0.5 and positive calving ease. Our Wally bulls are big and thick and his females will be excellent calvers and milkers we expect.


All bulls are strictly pasture fed to optimise fertility, soundness and longevity. Finished on oats.