Herefords Australia has launched a number of Beef Brands this year in an attempt to increase market share and demand for Hereford beef.

Hereford True Beef was launched in partnership with Atron Enterprises, Casino, back in March and the product has had a terrific response. Hereford Classic Beef and a Grainfed product will also be released this year.

The Hereford Branded Beef program was initiated and developed by recently retired Chairman Steve Reid and his board. Herefords Australia LTD CEO,Mr John McKew, said the Branded Beef program was one of the most significant steps taken in the history of the breed in Australia.

According to processing partner Atron Enterprises, the brand has been quick to gain momentum and demand for the product has far exceeded their supply capabilities.

Atron sales manager Luke Cartwright said the primary focus was to encourage more Hereford producers to participate in the program in order to keep up with the high level of demand.

Producer and Agent days will be held from 10.30 – 4.00 at the Commercial Hotel, Dalby, August 17, Taroom Bowls Club, August 18, and the Goondiwindi Golf Club, August 19. Please contact Lauren Bakker, Atron Marketing Manager, on 0447002505 or Steve Reid on 0427631014 if you would like to attend.

Mr Reid said “The Hereford brand still has recognition in the meat industry and is seen as the only real breed based alternative to the Angus brand. NH Foods are marketing a Hereford brand out of Wyalla and Bective feedlots into Europe and we have had independent feedback that it is doing exceptionally well. Hereford True Beef has had rave reviews where ever it has been sold and it is only lack of supply which is limiting growth. We urge Hereford producers to support these brands, you will receive a competitive price, but more than that, you will be developing markets which will hold up during price downturns. Strong premium brands = price security.”

Steve Reid at the launch of Hereford True branded beef product at Rockhampton Beef 2015.