• New sire: Tarcoombe Fort N093, Snr Champion Wodonga 2019

  • Feedlot bullocks all by Talbalba bulls.

  • Progeny of Talbalba bulls.

  • RHXM222 top price bull purchased Dubbo National, 2018

  • Talbalba top price 2017, $40 000

  • Client's calves out of Santa cows.

  • Heading to forestry lease country.

Talbalba bulls and females are bred for premium beef production with the data to prove it. Back to Back generations of high marbling (IMF) and high yielding (EMA) sires used ensures a consistent boost to your MSA index at slaughter time. 

2019 Talbalba Bull Sale to be held on property at Millmerran on Wednesday 11th of September at 11:30am.

50-55 Polled and Horned bulls with complete Breedplan performance data.
Industry leading Genomic testing on all Sale bulls (DNA- Geneseek 50,000 markers, Parent verification, Horn/Poll test and Genetic conditions).
Semen including Morphology tested.
Fully vaccinated for Vibrio, B.E.F, 5in1 and Tick Fever.

Free delivery to your door within 500 km or by prior arrangement.
Online bidding option with Auctions Plus.
Videos of sale bulls will be available on our website prior to sale.
Inspections always welcome.

2018 second on property Bull Sale with solid commercial support averaged $7162 for 40 bulls. Top price Lot 1 Talbalba Black Heart sold for $17,000 to Campview Grazing.

Our first on property Sale at Millmerran in 2017 recorded the season’s top price for Whiteface bulls with Talbalba the Hoff L076(P) selling for $40,000 to Kidman Poll Herefords, Dubbo.
50/55 bulls sold to average $8,480 with a 91% clearance.

1 Breeding carcase cattle with a strong commercial focus to increase your MSA index. Bulls are high yielding with high EMA and Marbling (IMF) Breedplan figures. Fertile, semen including Morphology tested and structurally sound with excellent temperament.
2  First on property sale will be held in 2017 at “Delemere”, 1392 Nicol Creek Rd, Millmerran, Qld, on Wednesday 13th September at 11:30 am. 50 bulls on offer, horned and polled with comprehensive breed leading performance data.
Paddock sales of Bulls and Females always welcome.
3 70-80 bulls produced annually grown on pasture and finished on oats to optimise fertility, soundness and longevity with good eyes and slick QLD skins. 
4 Vaccinated – tick fever / 7 in 1 / vibrio / 3 day sickness. 
5 250 Registered Cows performance recorded since  1970’s. Females run under commercial conditions must produce a calf every year. Heifers joined to high calving ease sires to calve unassisted at 24 months with male progeny for sale successful as heifer bulls.


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