Talbalba outlays $32,000 for top priced bull Dubbo National Show and Sale, 2018

Steve and Debbie Reid, Talbalba Herefords, Millmerran, Qld, in partnership with Mark and Nikita Duthie, Callaway Poll Herefords, Irvingdale, Qld, outlaid the top price of $32,000 for Lot 77, Ravensdale Guardian M222, sold by Brian Burgess, Ravensdale Poll Herefords, Holbrook, NSW.

The August 2016 drop son of Allendale Anzac E114 weighed 884kg at at 22 months, and scanned an eye muscle area of 129sqcm, P8 of 18mm and rump fat of 10mm.

On BREEDPLAN, Guardian had a 600 day weight of +110kg, an eye muscle area of +3.8sqcm and intramuscular fat of 1.2 per cent.

Guardian matches good performance data with an attractive phenotype.

He is correct, sirey and stylish  with growth figures in the top one per cent, positive calving ease and marbling in the top five per cent, all combined with a proven pedigree.

Ravensdale Guardian RHXM222

Ravensdale Guardian M222,  DOB 25/08/2016

Reserve Champion Supermarket Index Performance Class at Dubbo National Show and Sale, 2018.

lot77_top price $32K Dubbo 2018 - Copy