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At our 2nd on property Bull Sale we are proud to offer you 53 bulls which we believe will have a positive

influence on a beef producing herd.

Included are bulls to boost productivity in the paddock with exceptional calving ease and fertility,

others with growth and weight for age to give you more kilos per hectare and most with carcase traits

to increase yield and marbling.

All bulls will be delivered free to QLD and NSW.

Online bidding available with Auctions Plus.

Brief overview of upcoming sale bulls on Wed 12th Sept, 11:30am ,2018 on property, Millmerran.



Lot 2 R5XM197 - Copy

Lot 2 Talbalba Black Heart M197 (H)  (Click on name for pedigree and EBVs)

DOB 06/10/2016 by Mawarra Black Heart

M197 is one of the classiest bulls that we have bred for a while. He’s long and thick with

a strong top and parades around like a sire. His carcase data is outstanding combining

top 5% of the breed for muscle with top 15% for marbling.

Lot 3 R5XM040 - Copy

Lot 3 Talbalba Black Heart M040 (H)

DOB 12/08/2016  by Mawarra Black Heart

M040 ticks a lot of boxes particularly for modern grass fed markets. He has a moderate

maturity pattern with plenty of muscle, high marbling data and above average fats for

easy finishing. His moderate birth weight tops off this quite unique package.

Lot 6 R5XM044 - Copy

Lot 6 Talbalba The Hoff M044 (AI) (P)

DOB 15/08/2016 by H Victor 0136 (IMP USA) (P)

Curve bending son of Victor who we used over heifers last season as a yearling.

He has very low birth weight and high calving ease for a bull with growth in the top 20%

and muscle in the top 10% of the breed. His fertility traits are top shelf as well, with short

gestation length, big testicles and negative days to calving. He is Homozygous Poll.

Lot 7 R5XM035 - Copy

Lot 7 Talbalba The Hoff M035 (AI) (P)

DOB 13/08/2016 bu H Victor 0136 (IMP USA) (P)

Super high calving ease Victor son with a huge carcase. You can see the muscle expression

in his hind quarter and along his spine which breedplan places in the top 1% of the breed.

His full brother is perfoming well at Nowley. Clean Poll. 100 straws of semen collected

and retained for in herd use only.

Lot 8 R5XM061 - Copy

Lot 8 Talbalba The Hoff M061 (AI) (P)

DOB 20/08/2016 by H Victor 0136 (IMP USA) (P)

Deep, easy doing bull with good structure and eye appeal. One of our favourites.

Positive calving ease, top 15% growth, top 10% muscle, positive fats. He has small scurs.

Lot 9 R5XM058 - Copy

Lot 9 Talbalba The Hoff M058 (AI) (P)

DOB 19/08/2016 by H VIctor 0136 (IMP USA) (P)

M058 continues the Victor legacy of high calving ease, low birth weight, high growth,

lots of milk, big testicles and huge EMA. A bull with that extra bit of class. His mother is a cracker. Poll.

Lot 15 R5XM085 - Copy

Lot 15 Talbalba Wally M085 (H#)

DOB 27/08/2016 by Talbalba Wallace H83

Use M085 to build calving ease in your herd without sacrificing performance.

He will also add milk and marbling.

Lot 17 R5XM156 - Copy

Lot 16 Talbalba Jacob M129 (P)

DOB 06/09/2016 by Yalgoo Jacob J053 (P)

Deep bodied, easy doing bull much like his sire. Yalgoo Jacob always finishes the season

in much the same condition as he starts it. Easy care cattle. Poll.

Lot 21 R5XM057 - Copy

Lot 21 Talbalba Anzac M057

DOB 19/08/2016 by Injemira Anzac H006 (P)

Anzac son who exhibits growth, balance and style. Growth and muscle top 5%.

Mother produced Zeal who sold to Lotus. Poll.

Lot 26 R5XM026 - Copy

Lot 26 Talbalba Anzac M026 (P)

DOB 28/07/2016 by Injemira Anzac J188 (P)

High performing son of J188 who ranks in the top 1% for growth, and top 10% for muscle

and marbling. I think this guy has as good a carcase as any in the sale.Poll.

Lot 31 R5XM258 - Copy

Lot 31 Talbalba Wallace M258 (H#)

DOB 08/11/2016 by Talbalba Wallace H83

Thick, powerful Wally son. Top 10% growth. Younger bull.

Lot 38 R5XM176 - Copy

Lot 38 Talbalba Conrad M176 (P)

DOB 26/09/2016 by Yambro Conrad B88 (P)

Long, slick skinned bull with outstanding calving ease. Poll.