2013 Bull Sale Report

On 12th September, 2013, Talbalba bulls sold to $28,000 to average $6,091 with an 85% clearance. Top price was paid by fourth generation Hereford breeders Ross and Marcia Dawson, Spottswood Grazing co, Moura. They bought Talbalba Abductor for $28,000, a 1060 kg son of Bowmont Storm C115 with an impressive EMA of 136 sq cm and a tremendous hindquarter.

The $22,000 second high selling bull, Talbalba Avalanche, an A.I. son of Mawarra Virginian with breed leading muscle and marbling figures combined with impressive growth data was bought by Tom Nixon, Devon Court Stud, Drillham.

Interstate buyer Brian Ferguson, Forest Lodge, Goulburn, NSW, was operating on the better end of the market with 5 quality bulls for a $7,500 average. These included $14,000 for Talbalba Achilles, a long smooth muscled son of Storm C115 and $12,000 for Talbalba Amazon, a 1000kg son of Mawarra Virginian.

The Holliss family, Lotus Herefords, Glen Innes sourced another stud sire purchasing Talbalba Ando, a 906 kg Mawarra Virginian son with outstanding carcase data for $10,000. The Bowhay family, Buckinbah Stud, St George, bought Talbalba Abbott, a quality young Storm son for $7,000 and Talbalba Abdicate, an impressive 994kg 2 year old Storm son for $6,000.  Daryl Bjorksten bought Talbalba Android, another powerful Virginian son for $8,000. The Orphant family, Westbank Herefords, paid $7,000 for Talbalba Axle, a Mawarra Virginian son with strong figures.

Volume buyers included Jason and Anne Sprague, “Neverfail”, Blackall, buying six very good bulls for a $4,750 average and the Moffatt family, Eurombah Pastoral co, Taroom with five for a $3,900 average.

The entire Talbalba draft averaged 846kg at 22.7 mths with an average E.M.A of 120sq cm, prepared off oats.

Overall a solid sale in difficult times with ¾ of QLD in drought. Strong support from regular clients made the sale but a smaller crowd than usual limited the clearance.


Top price  Southern Cross Bull Sale 2013, Talbalba Abductor $28,000,with Elders auctioneer Andrew Meara, Talbalba principal Steve Reid and buyers Marcia,Kasey and Ross Dawson, Spottswood GrazingCompany, Bauhinia Downs, Moura.

Lot 10 - Copy website

Lot 10 Talbalba Abductor $28,000 to the Dawson family, Spottswood Grazing Co, Moura.


Lot 3 2013 - Copy website

Lot 3 Talbalba Avalanche, $22,000 to Tom Nixon, Devon Court Stud, Drillham.

Lot 14 - Copy website

Lot 14 Talbalba Achilles, $14,000 to Brian Ferguson, Forest Lodge, Goulburn.

Lot 7 - Copy website

Lot 7 Talbalba Amazon $12,000 to Brian Ferguson,Forest Lodge, Goulburn.

Lot 41 - Copy website

Lot 41 Talbalba Ando, $10,000 to the Holliss family, Lotus Herefords, Glen Innes.

Lot 43 - Copy website

Lot 43 Talbalba Android, $8,000 to Daryl Bjorksten, Beralga, St George.

Lot 12 - Copy website

Lot 12 Talbalba Abbot, $7,000 to the Bowhay family, Buckinbah Stud, St George.

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Lot 25 Talbalba Axle, $7,000 to the Orphant family,Westbank Hereford Stud, Gunalda.

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Lot 47 Talbalba Account, $6500 to Richard and Kim Donner, Boxvale, Taroom.

Lot 2 . - Copy website

Lot 2 Talbalba Abdicate, $6,000 to the Bowhay family, Buckinbah Stud, St George.

Lot 72 - Copy website

Lot 72  Talbalba Ascot, $6,000 to Brenda Vincent & Sons, Ardrossan, Roma.

Lot 45. - Copy website

Lot 45 Talbalba Abyss, $6000 to Jason and Anne Sprague, Neverfail, Blackall.


Thank-you to all buyers, underbidders and supporters.