Mating Details Talbalba Heifers


Mating Details

2 Wirruna Justin J13 (P) 29-11-15
3 R5XK65 (P) 12-01-16
4 Wirruna Justin J13 (P) 28-11-15
5 Yarram Unique F181 (H) 12-01-16
6 R5XC098 (H) 19-01-16
7 Wirruna Justin J13 (P) 02-12-15
8 R5XC098 (H) 13-01-15
9 Yarram Unique F181 (H) 17-11-15
10 Wirruna Justin J13 (P) 28-11-15
11 Yambro Conrad B88 (P) 19-11-15
12 Wirruna Fort F382 (P) 04-11-15
13 Wirruna Justin J13 (P) 24-12-15
14 R5XK65 (P) (not detected Pregnant)  
15 R5XK65 (P) 04-12-15
16 Wirruna Justin J13 (P) 28-11-15



Flush Details

            Lot 1

This is the first time our family has offered access to our very top cows. Chose a pure horned female sired by Magnum, such as D072 or F083, or one by Storm C115 in G079 or then again our old favourite C096 whose son sold for $28000. You may prefer a Poll female by Wallace such as G063, G071 or J017.

Conditions- Minimum of 4 A grade eggs, over 10 split between vendor and purchaser. All Talbalba sires can be used free of charge. Flush costs born by purchaser.